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Elite Medical Prep Co-Founder Receives COVID-19 Vaccine


Elite Medical Prep Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 with Pfizer Vaccine

Elite Medical Prep joined the fight against COVID-19 as company co-founder, Marcel Brus-Ramer, MD, PhD received his second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine over the weekend. As a practicing physician in addition to his work as company co-founder, Dr. Brus-Ramer has used his platform to help to combat the pandemic over the past year by providing training to medical students at several top 25 medical schools on the imaging appearance of COVID-19 via webinar.


“We have seen the destruction this pandemic has caused and I consider myself to be a strong advocate for members of the medical community to choose vaccination,” Brus-Ramer said. Currently based in Tel Aviv, Dr. Brus-Ramer was able to do what he believes to be his civic, professional, and public health duty to help protect himself and others against the spread of COVID-19 by choosing to receive the vaccine. Urging other healthcare professionals around the world including medical students to consider doing the same, Brus-Ramer says, “Beyond protecting myself, my family, and my community, I believe that as a healthcare provider it is also important to demonstrate to those people who are worried about the vaccine that it is safe and effective.”


Israel, where Dr. Brus-Ramer currently resides, has the fastest vaccination rate out of any country in the world. So far, the country of 9 million has successfully vaccinated approximately 1 million citizens and continues to vaccinate 150,000 new people per day. Dr. Brus-Ramer was able to benefit from the availability of vaccine and believes it was healthcare workers along with public officials that were able to help increase public support for the vaccine by choosing to get the first dose early. “Individuals look first to their doctors when seeking guidance for medical decisions. The more medical personnel we can vaccinate, the more people we can ultimately vaccinate. I think medical students should especially consider vaccination as the option becomes available and anyone feeling unsure about the decision is welcome to personally reach out to me or Elite Medical Prep,” Dr. Brus Ramer said.


Many of the Elite Medical Prep tutors are on the front lines working with patients at medical centers across the US and of the tutors who have received the vaccine, Dr. Brus-Ramer reports that so far nobody has reported any side effects. “The sooner the majority of the population can get vaccinated, the sooner we can put the 2019/2020 coronavirus pandemic behind us. At Elite Medical Prep, we sincerely hope that 2021 will be far better year than 2020 was.”



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