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Key Component 1

Professionally prepared tutors consistently produce significantly higher levels of student achievement than tutors with no special preparation. Elite Medical Prep selects MD candidates with meaningful teaching experience and puts these candidates through a rigorous training process that continues throughout the tutor’s tenure with the organization.

Key Component 2

Tutors use a developmental template to organize and implement each student’s tutoring program. Elite Medical Prep favors a structured tutoring approach that defines for tutors how to tailor a program to each student’s needs. Tutors are experts at building personalized, flexible study programs for their students that can be modified throughout tutoring.

Key Component 3

Tutors coach students on learning how to learn through providing guidance on study habits, test taking, and learning in general. Tutoring sessions are only one component of the Elite Medical Prep structured tutoring program. Elite Medical Prep tutors help students to optimize independent study time, increase study efficiency, and effectively manage stress.

Key Component 4

Tutors track the session-to-session progress of students to modify tutoring content and use student academic strengths to overcome weaknesses. Elite Medical Prep tutors log every session and keep diligent track of student progress. Tutors continually assess strengths and weaknesses, and modify the focus of sessions as needed.

Key Component 5

Tutors provide continuous feedback to help students develop positive self-images as learners. Tutors do their students a disservice when they are not candid and realistic. We tell it like it is when communicating with students, but we make sure to do so compassionately by including positive feedback and encouragement.

Key Component 6

Tutors formally and informally assess students throughout the tutoring process. The conversational format of an Elite Medical Prep tutoring session provides continual informal assessment of a student’s performance. Official assessment exams (e.g. nbme) are used extensively with students as well.

*Adapted from Tutoring Revolution: Applying Research for Best Practices, Policy Implications, and Student Achievement, 2007

We take tutoring seriously. We hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards.