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What is Boards & Beyond?

Most students have likely heard of Boards and Beyond, and we think it’s a great resource for students who have the time to engage in the huge volume of content. With 447 videos that average around 15 mins each (rarely over 30 mins), there’s around 100-120 hours of content! Videos proceed relatively quickly through the material, so you may need to pause to allow yourself to catch-up or take notes. In addition to videos, B&B also offers about 2300 questions (about 3-12 questions per video) that provide immediate explanations of the right and wrong answers that are thorough but concise. Links to Costanzo can be helpful for additional information when needed, and the ability to access the slide decks (in PDF) enables you to find that super helpful table, chart or mnemonic you want to have handy. 


When should I use B&B?

This is a great resource to supplement the first 1.5-2 pre-clinical years of medical school leading up to your clinical year and Step 1 exam. 


Should I Use B&B while classes are closed due to COVID-19?

Absolutely! As discussed above, this resource requires some time to get through, and that’s exactly what you’ve got on your hands right now. Even if you just go through 5 hours of video content a day, you could make it all the way through B&B videos in only about 3 weeks. We think that’s a great use of 3 weeks, especially if you’re at the end of pre-clinical years, and about to study for Step 1 or start rotations.


If Step 1 goes to Pass/Fail, will I really need a resource like B&B?:

Yes! Given we see this resource as a thorough and well organized way to supplement your pre-clinical years and get you well-prepared to enter the clinical rotations, as well as ensure success on Step 1, we would absolutely still use B&B during years 1&2 of medical school. Additionally, medical students will need to remain vigilant in their studies to build the proper foundational knowledge to succeed not only in clinical rotations, but also on the increasingly important Step 2 CK exam. 


Should B&B be my primary resource for Step 1?

The short answer is No. During your dedicated study time for Step 1, we recommend using B&B only as a secondary resource to review specific topics that you are struggling with. While you are focusing on UWorld (your gold standard primary resource), if you find yourself confused on antiarrhythmic drug questions, go watch the 45min video in B&B on antiarrhythmic drugs.


Some caveats to this great resource:

  • The 2300 questions offered are not a replacement for UWorld as a question bank. All of the great functionality of UWorld like reviewing incorrects, creating custom question sets or mixing multiple topics, timed vs tutor mode, and full-length practice exams are all not available with B&B
  • The slide decks, while nice to have, are extremely long and not searchable making finding an individual slide or topic difficult
  • Though links to Costanzo and other select resources are nice, B&B doesn’t have links to First Aid, which is a much more concise and high yield resource.
  • The slides used in the videos are fairly basic, but they get the job done!


Pricing (as of April 2020):

1 month: $49, 3 months: $129, 6 months: $149, 12 months: $199, 18 months: $249, 24 months: $299

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