My tutor was definitely a game changer in my STEP preparation

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“My tutor was definitely a game changer in my Step 1 preparation. He was able to effectively train me and provide strategies that helped improve my score by 30 points in my last week of Step 1 studying. In addition to providing me with test-taking strategies, my tutor was also very personable and I felt that he cared for me as a person. We began our sessions by explaining how my day was going and what I was doing for exam preparation. The introduction helped me to learn what I needed to focus on and made me feel comfortable to express any worries or fears that I had. My tutor was very good at addressing my worries by providing me with effective solutions that really helped me become more comfortable tackling the test. Another aspect that I liked about my tutor was his attentiveness. He was very good at picking up things that I said in passing which I thought were not important and telling me how to address them. The post-session notes were very good at providing me with feedback on how I was doing and also how to proceed. Overall, I really enjoyed working with my tutor and Elite Medical Prep.”