I took an NBME exam after the first two weeks of tutoring— it was the first one I had ever passed

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“When I first sought out the Elite Medical Prep program, I was distraught and had essentially no self-confidence. I had already failed Step 1 twice, and my hope for passing on my third and final attempt was quite low. After talking to Dr. Brus-Ramer and completing a trial tutoring session with him, I began to feel a shred of hope in passing Step 1. I had exactly four weeks to prepare for the exam. My tutor assessed my strengths and weaknesses during the first session as well as listened to my goals and study plan. He let me tell my story. I was happy that he did not talk down to me. Together we formed a plan for the next four weeks. Over time, I became amazed at how my self-confidence slowly returned. Not only did I start to believe in myself again, I also started believing in the tutoring process. I took an NBME exam after the first two weeks of tutoring, and I passed—it was the first one I had ever passed. I started trusting my tutor completely after this experience. He had in only two weeks made my weaknesses become strengths. My tutor did more than just help me perform better on NBME exams and finally pass Step 1. He showed me how to use U-WORLD and ANKI efficiently. He helped me rebuild my confidence in my abilities. On my test day, I felt strong, confident, and capable. I had test-taking strategies at my fingertips. I knew how to approach and handle difficult questions and topics that previously fit into my “weaknesses” category. When I received my score, it was the most joyous day of my life.