This Isn't Your Average USMLE Prep Course

Designed with 10 years of online teaching experience in mind, the Elite Step 1 Booster Course is specifically structured to help at-risk students succeed. Utilizing a flipped classroom problem based learning format to promote active learning at all times, this course sets students up for success by teaching them how to reason through medical questions-- not just memorize content.

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1 week course focused on high yield material

Break down and review key material typically learned during the first year of medical school to ensure a solid foundation for USMLE/ COMLEX success.

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Live online via Zoom

No need to travel for this course. Enjoy a highly interactive question based learning experience optimized for a digital format that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

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Carefully calibrated to match the level of a student

Our courses fully accommodate students of various learning levels so you don't need to worry about being left behind.

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Content coverage that mimics the USMLE and NBME

The course focuses heavily on Physiology and Anantomy, integrating key concepts from Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Immunology and Pharmacology that is often tested on the USMLE Step 1.

Are you a good candidate for the Booster Course?

If you found yourself struggling to keep up during your first year of medical school and either failed or low passed an exam, you are at risk for struggling during 2nd year which may lead to a low Step 1 score or failure. Our booster course can help move you onto the path of success during 2nd year, on your USMLE Step 1 exam, and beyond.

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2022 Dates COMING SOON

See below last year's syllabus for a sneak peak of what's to come! Listed dates are NOT accurate for 2022.

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Set yourself up for success and improve your overall medical school performance with a course designed specifically for struggling students.

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