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Entering Week 3 at Mount Sinai Medical School

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Week three of the 2019 Elite Medical Prep USMLE Course at Mount Sinai Medical School is upon us and as we reflect upon week 2, one word comes to mind: productive.

Dr. Rubin started off our second week with several days of interactive question-based lectures on Heme, then transitioned to GI/Liver before Dr. Brus-Ramer skillfully led the students through question based Repro, Neuroanatomy, and Endo topics. With so much information and room for lots of student questions, we are certainly impressed with how hard everyone is working. Impressed, but not surprised.

The Elite Medical Prep USMLE Course at Mount Sinai Medical School is designed to be fast paced– think crash course on high yield USMLE topics. The course is a critical time for our course participants as they lay the foundation of their USMLE studies and are given the skills to build. Through a unique and high yield interactive structure, the course seamlessly integrates topics into organized question sets. By focusing on questions, our Mount Sinai Medical School participants are able to jump into effective study habits head first with the expert direction of founders Dr. Rubin and Dr. Brus-Ramer.

We look forward to updating you on week 3!


The 2019 Elite Medical Prep Course at Mount Sinai Medical School is directed by Ken Rubin, MD, who is always energized to back at his alma mater, teaching the next generation of Mt Sinai students.  Assistant course director Marcel Brus-Ramer, MD PhD has found the depth and complexity of Mt Sinai students’ knowledge to be impressive and enjoys being back in New York working with the students, and collaborating with his colleagues from his time at Columbia P&S. Additionally, this year we are pleased to announce Elite tutors Martin B., MD, Amy P., MD Candidate, and Alex R., MD Candidate as course content editors.

While our USMLE Course at Mount Sinai Medical School is restricted to Mount Sinai medical students, if you are interested in bringing Elite Medical Prep to your medical school or want to speak with a professional USMLE tutor, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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