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Personal statements are often a source of anxiety for medical school and residency applicants. The prompts are vague, the expectations unclear, and without a background in writing, it can feel impossible to craft an essay that stands out from the crowd. And yet, surveys and research studies show that personal statements are some of the most important factors in determining who gets interview invitations and acceptance letters. Don’t miss your opportunity to make an impression! Our expert essay editors use data and experience to help you hook your readers and hold their attention. From brainstorming topics to constructing an outline, from crafting sentences to providing that final proofread, we’re there at every step of the way to help you tell your story.

Why Elite Essay Editing is Different

Our essay editors are medical students and residents with extensive experience in personal statement editing. Our team also has formal training and experience in professional writing, editing, and publishing, with a deep knowledge of the admissions process for medical schools and residency programs. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from multiple experienced editors when you sign up with us.

Why Get Essay Editing Help

Ask a dozen strangers about personal statements, and you’ll wind up with a dozen different opinions. Our essay editors, however, will give you the facts. Using peer-reviewed research, as well as our own data collected from years of 1-on-1 personal statement editing and large group workshops, we help you construct an essay that is tailor-made to stand out to the audience you are targeting--whomever that might be!

What We Can Do For Your Essay

Some students don’t know where to start. Others just need a final proofread. Whether you’re looking to build an entire essay from the ground up or put the finishing touches on what you’ve already got, we can design a plan that meets your needs. With our flexible service structure you can meet with your editor in online, face-to-face sessions or simply edit back-and-forth with them over email--it’s up to you. Without any fixed plans or rigid requirements, you pay only for what you use--nothing more!

Essay Editing Pricing

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Medical School Admissions Essay Editing

Starting at $225/hr

  • Meet with an MD tutor to talk about your essay
  • Receive detailed feedback and constructive criticism on how to write the strongest essay possible

Residency Applications Personal Statement Editing

Starting at $225/hr

  • Meet with a current resident to talk about your essay
  • Receive detailed feedback on how to optimize your personal statement to boost your chances for a successful match into your specialty of choice

Residency Applications Personal Statement Editing +

Starting at $225/hr

  • Explore residency applications essay editing as part of a full residency advising package
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