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Residency Applications

How to Write the MSPE

Towards the end of M3 year, medical students meet with one of their medical school’s Deans and write the Medical Student Performance Evaluation letter (MSPE), or the “Dean’s letter”, which is sent to all residency programs. Here’s what to (and not to) include.

  • Jun 28
  • 13 min

USMLE Step 1

Failing USMLE Step 1: What to Do

While 96% of USMLE test takers typically pass, if you’re someone who falls within that 4% and didn’t pass on your first try, you should know that each year over 20,000 people take USMLE Step 1. That means even within that 4%, there are at least 800 other students in your exact same situation. So, what do you do? We’ll tell you.

  • Jul 11
  • 14 min

Your 10 Week USMLE Step 1 Study Schedule

The Ultimate 10 Week USMLE Step 1 Study Schedule So you’re in med school and 10-weeks away from taking the USMLE huh? Don’t panic, you still have some time! The thing you need now is a realistic study schedule that you can stick to and follow to prepare you for […]

  • Jun 20
  • 7 min