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Residency Applications

Scheduling Residency Interviews

You’ve submitted your ERAS application, all of your LoR are in, your school uploaded your MSPE, and now here you are, waiting for the “wave” of interview invites that you hope is going to hit you. Here are a couple tips for scheduling interviews.

  • Sep 5
  • 6 min

Saving Money on Residency Applications

The cost of interviewing for residency can be a very expensive process for many applicants. As interviewing for residency usually involves travel, the median cost of interviewing in recent years has been roughly $3,900! Here’s how to cut that number down.

  • Aug 22
  • 6 min

USMLE Step 1

Studying for USMLE Step 1 During MS1

First year is about learning how to study, how to increase your efficiency, how to retain high yield information, and then how to apply this information into real-life patient scenarios. As for studying for USMLE Step 1, here are some tips for concerned students.

Failing USMLE Step 1: What to Do

While 96% of USMLE test takers typically pass, if you’re someone who falls within that 4% and didn’t pass on your first try, you should know that each year over 20,000 people take USMLE Step 1. That means even within that 4%, there are at least 800 other students in your exact same situation. So, what do you do? We’ll tell you.

  • Jul 11
  • 14 min