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We supplement medical education by partnering with medical schools to deliver USMLE-focused lecture series covering high yield content and test strategy

Optimizing Pass Rate and Match Success

We identify and support students in need of additional 1:1 tutoring assistance at a
significant discount*

Building Confidence and Increasing on-time Test Taking:

We have a record of improving on-time test taking rates that reflect increased student confidence in their knowledge and performance on test day

USMLE and NMBE Prep Courses at Medical Schools

Exclusive Institutional Elite Medical Prep Course Offerings

Intensive End-of-Year On-Site USMLE Course

This isn’t your average review course. Elite Medical Prep USMLE Prep course leverage expertise in USMLE/NBME to deliver a tailored set of interactive sessions covering high yield content across a multitude of topics. During the final week of courses, USMLE specific test-taking strategy and study planning is also covered. Our lectures are based on breaking down and walking through real questions from the USMLE and involving student participants directly through live polling.

Length: Standard full-length course for –

  • Step 1: 15 Days delivered over 3 weeks
  • Step 2: 10 Days delivered over 2 weeks

*Course length-flexible to meet individual institutional needs

Small Group Tutoring Program

Elite Medical Prep small group tutoring is designed to provide students an opportunity to work more personally with USMLE experts. Students have the opportunity to ask more questions and talk about individual test strategy as well as any thoughts or concerns.

*The Small Group Tutoring Program can also be added as an addition to any of our USMLE Prep courses

Integrated Live Lectures & Webinars

At Elite Medical Prep we do our best to meet the needs of both students and institutions. That’s why we offer a 100% online option as an alternative to our on-site USMLE courses. Same content, different setting.

*Online live lectures can also be added to an on-site Elite Medical Prep course to create a hybrid online-offline student experience.

Proven Results

On average, students who work with Elite Medical Prep improve 31 points (>1.6 SD) on the USMLE Step 1 & 2 Exams based upon research conducted through Elite Medical Prep courses at Technion American Medical School.

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