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Why Elite Tutoring Works

  • 1-on-1 personalized tutoring

    From the first call, we’ll tailor everything to meet your individual needs

  • Elite MDs

    30+ tutors across 10+ medical specialties who have excelled on the exams we tutor for

  • Tried-and-true methods

    Learn high yield test information using techniques based on decades of tutoring experience

Why Our Students Love Us

Why Our Students Love Us

  • Fully online, available wherever you are
  • We teach strategies on how to approach test questions
  • We focus on high yield material and work through cases
  • We keep you motivated and on track
  • We’re IMG friendly
  • Student information is kept completely confidential
  • Unused tutoring hours are 100% refundable
  • We get results

Meet Our Elite Tutors

Trusted by thousands of students from 50+ medical schools

“When I first sought out the Elite Medical Prep program, I was distraught and had essentially no self-confidence … When I received my score, it was the most joyous day of my life”

Dr. Tequilla Manning

Current Family Medicine Resident at Montefiore Hospital
Scored 196 on Step 1 with tutoring (after two previous failures without tutoring) 222 on Step 2 CK (passed on first attempt with tutoring)

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What students are saying

Used by students from well-known universities

We partner with top schools to deliver our tried-and-true courses to their students

  • We offer innovative USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2CK prep courses
  • Unlike traditional courses, our unique courses involve students through interactive learning techniques such as live polling and question based lectures
  • Students prepare for their exam by becoming familiar with real test questions guided by USMLE experts

As thought leaders in the industry, we pride ourselves on our free resources

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Elite Medical Prep


Base Price $195/hour $250/hour
Unused hour refund t t
Free trial t t
Partners with top 25 schools t t
More than 9 years experience t t
Requires tutors to undergo intensive training t t
Structured 1-on-1 curriculum t t
Off-hours support (weekends, evenings) t t