Preparing Applicants for Successful Outcomes

The world of residency applications is often an unexpectedly complex one. Whether you are a forward thinking first year medical student who wants to set yourself up for success or an individual who is at the end of your medical school career and would like help improving your chances of residency matching into your dream specialty, we are here to help.
The residency match process is a critical aspect of your medical education and residency experts can help you get matched for the residency of your dreams. Residency matching consultants assist students and graduates in selecting the most suitable program based on their career aspirations, academic achievements, and personal preferences.
Our residency matching services are fully comprehensive, helping you navigate the complex application process successfully with a multi-pronged approach.
Whether it is assistance with essay editing, mock interviews, or having an expert review your application, we cover all areas to ensure you’re all set for success.

Understand Your "Chances of Matching" into a Given Specialty

Speak with a resident who has successfully matched into your desired specialty about your medical school, USMLE scores, and other important matching factors to determine the likelihood of achieving your medical residency match.
It’s important to understand that a medical residency consultant will give you the advice you need based on their own personal experience. These are residents who have matched into the specialty of your choice. Residency match advising can help you uncover a lot of information in terms of requirements and what you can do to set yourself apart.

Get an Expert Review of Your ERAS Application

Work with our residency placement services to identify weak points on your application and make a plan to strengthen them wherever possible. Having helped countless previous applicants like you, our residency application advising team can assist you in building the right application for residency matching, with respect to all aspects, be it your personal statement or any other.
Expert guidance in developing a powerful application will not only steer you in the right direction, but also endow you with the confidence that you’re taking all the right measures for getting matched with your target program.

Optimize your Personal Statement

Get 1-on-1 guidance on how to write a compelling hook, what to include in your personal statement, and how to make yourself stand out on paper. Once you have written your first draft, receive recommendations and edits.
Valuable guidance on drafting an outstanding personal statement that helps showcase your suitability as the right candidate for the program can make a world of difference. It can significantly improve your chances of getting matched into the desired specialty.
Whether it is your personal goals, interests, or professional objectives, we provide guidance on all aspects of your personal statement.

Fine-Tune Your Interview Skills

Residency interviews may feel intimidating but with the right preparation, you can ace them. It’s fairly easy to tell the candidates who are prepared from the ones who are not. We help you address all interview challenges for successful residency matching.
These also include eliminating interview anxiety and learning how to market yourself to residency programs through virtual mock interviewing. Get detailed feedback from our residency interview experts and improve your chances of residency matching.

Streamline your CV, Personal Statement, and More

Work with a medical residency matching advising team to develop your CV, edit and provide feedback on your residency application personal statement, and aid you in other tricky sections of the ERAS in order to optimize your chances of matching-- especially into competitive programs.

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