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Navigating the MyIntealth Portal: Essential Guide for IMGs in the 2024 Match

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A group of IMGs who matched in the 2024 cycle.


The new transition from previous online support services to the new MyIntealth portal has been a source of great stress to IMGs applying for the 2024 Match. Understandably, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the launch, but there are several new benefits to transitioning fully to MyIntealth. Some of these include using a single online platform for all services, as opposed to having multiple platforms (OASIS, IWA, etc.) as was the case before this new update. Subsequently, this creates one username/password for all services. Additionally, MyIntealth will reduce the use of paper forms and offer convenience for foreign medical graduates by creating an online platform to submit forms on time. 


The ECFMG systems were paused from January 10th to January 29th, in anticipation of the MyIntealth launch. Since the launch has been delayed, ECFMG unpaused its services, including EMSWP to verify medical education credentials, uploading supporting documents to ERAS; Clinical Skills Attestation Portal to attest that graduates are meeting communication and clinical requirements for ECFMG certification through pathways 3-5; CVS to request confirmation of ECFMG certification; EVNet to support J-1 visa applicants; and EPIC to access verification reports of certain physicians.


As of now, the MyIntealth launch has been postponed with no known launch date. 



My Intealth Portal Account Migration: What to Expect and Do


Understanding Account Migration: What Gets Transitioned, What Doesn’t, and What to Do if Your Account Moves, Including Tech Glitches


You will be able to establish a new account with MyIntealth when it launches. As of now, the site is still under development. All user data from existing ECFMG services will be transferred automatically if you are an existing user, and this migration is mandatory. All data, including USMLE exam transcripts, Pathways data, and other exam data will be transferred to NRMP before the Rank Order List deadline.  


Certain services will not be transitioned to MyIntealth during the launch. These include the FAIMER division, which will be transferred at a later date, and the ECFMG Pathways application. 


Here is a table outlining the various tasks to complete to adequately prepare for the MyIntealth transition, with all information taken directly from www.ecfmg.org: 


Tasks to be Completed by IMGs for the 2024 Match Before the MyIntealth Portal Launch

Status of Application When to Complete Task     Task to Complete Additional Comments (if any)
All existing applicants (ECFMG Certification, ERAS, J-1 Visa Sponsorship, CVS and EPIC) Before the pause in services on 1/10/24 Make sure that your e-mail address is up-to-date in the current systems
Before the launch of MyIntealth Set up an account at a U.S. bank or obtain a credit card, download Google Chrome
Existing ECFMG Certification Applicants Only (Certain graduates) Before 12/15/23  If you are a graduate whose credentials are unverified and accepted, and you are applying for examination before the transition to MyIntealth, ensure receipt of your exam application and all supporting documentation 
Existing ECFMG Certification Applicants Only (All students and graduates) Before 12/31/23 Ensure receipt of: USMLE Transcript (Form 172), Applicant Biographic Change (Form 182), Examination History Chart (Form 184), Score Recheck (Form 265), CSA History Chart (Form 297), Step 1/Step 2 CK Testing Region Change (Form 312), and receipt of the 2024 Pathways Application 
Before 1/7/24 Ensure notarization of the Certification of Identification Form (Form 186) NotaryCam will resume appointments to notarize te IIF produced by MyIntealth after the launch 
Before 1/10/24 Access your exam scheduling permit if you are scheduled to take the USMLE exam before MyIntealth launches, ensure that your medical school verifies your status 
Existing Applicants for J-1 Visa Sponsorship Only Before 1/4/24 Ensure receipt of any non-application requests and uploads Applications should be submitted after launch of MyIntealth
Existing EPIC Applicants Only Before 12/31/23 Ensure receipt of Name Change Request form, ensure receipt of request to establish an EPIC account 
Before 1/7/24 Have the EPIC Identification Form (EIF) notarized If you have established an EPIC account but have not yet completed online notarization of the EIF 



Navigating Change: Fees, Delays, and Communication


There are no anticipated changes to any fees with the transition to MyIntealth for IMGs applying for the 2024 match. There are expected delays in all services before and after the launch. However, specific quantitative information regarding the delays has not yet been provided by ECFMG. 


As of Monday, 1/29/24, ECFMG has restored existing systems and users will be able to access all services, including IWA, OASIS, CVS ON-LINE, EVNet, EMSWP and EPIC portals to submit applications and other service requests. 


For general urgent inquiries and requests, please contact the customer service center at 215-386-5900, M-F 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST. You may also send an email to [email protected] with “URGENT” in the subject line to prioritize your claim. 


You may submit paper requests for services, such as requests for USMLE Transcripts, or Certification Statements (Form 183) for exam applications to: 



ECFMG Certification Program

3624 Market St. 1st Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104



For correspondence and inquiries about ERAS Support Services, you may contact 215-966-3520 or email eras-support.ecfmg.org. 


For Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program (EVSP) inquiries, please contact 215-823-2121 or email [email protected]. You may also contact them via mail at: 




3624 Market St. 1st Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104



For EPIC inquiries, contact 215-966-3900 or email [email protected]. You may also contact them via mail at:




3624 Market St. 1st Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104




2024 Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up a New Account in MyIntealth for IMGs in the 2024 Match


Any user that has existing accounts with ECFMG will have their information transferred to the MyIntealth portal automatically. There are expected delays in processing for all services both before and after the launch. When it launches, all applicants with existing accounts will receive an email with instructions on how to create login credentials. This can be accessed here as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkfBKoHYLiU

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