The ULTIMATE Step 2 Study Guide


It’t time to get serious about studying for Step 2!

With 6 weeks left before your test date, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business with making sure you are prepared to succeed. Feeling anxious? You should be! We know that Step 2 is no walk in the park, but, don’t tear all your hair out just yet. We have a study schedule!

For the first time ever, your mentors at Elite Medical Prep are releasing our USMLE Step 2 study guide exclusively to our blog followers! This template is a perfect starting point if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of where to begin studying. That being said– we know it’s intense. This Step 2 study schedule is designed to provide an awesome review in a short period of time and requires some serious devotion. Simply, serious success means serious studying. So print out this schedule, check off the boxes, and remember to take breaks when you need them!

And remember!
If you need help along the way or find a topic you just can’t seem to hack, call us! Our USMLE Step 2 tutors are happy to aid in your studying process. You can also work with a tutor to create a personalized study schedule if you find yourself in need of extra time on a certain subject, in need of more focus, or a different time commitment!


Download the Calendar HERE: