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The Impact of Shelf Exam Performance on Residency Applications

A group of medical school students taking their shelf exam.


In the journey to residency, medical students' shelf exam performance holds significant weight in applications. Shelf exams, designed to assess students' knowledge and clinical reasoning in specific core clerkships, can play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of a medical student's academic capabilities. In this article, we explore the...

Everything You Need to Know About Audition Rotations

12 min


A group of med school students on their audition rotation in the hospital.


So, you’ve finally chosen to pursue your dream specialty - congratulations! Maybe you're considering various specialties or curious about the fourth year of medical school in a competitive surgical field. Regardless, you've probably heard the phrase "audition rotations" before. This term is often used to describe one of the most...

Scheduling Your Step 2 CK for the 2025 Residency Match

8 min


A group of medical students studying for their Step 2 exam, sitting in front of a lap top.


With Step 1 transitioning to a pass/fail format, the significance of the Step 2 CK exam in medical school has heightened. For third-year medical students approaching the 2025 Residency Match, determining the timing for Step 2 CK is crucial. Unlike Step 1, scheduling Step 2 CK offers greater flexibility. Various...

How to Make Your Residency Rank List

11 min


Medical student working on their residency rank list.


You’ve spent countless hours pouring over every word in your ERAS application and personal statement, you’ve traveled far and wide to be wined and dined and interviewed, and you feel that you’ve taken one too many hospital tours in the past few months. Well, congratulations, now, the fun begins… let’s talk rank list.

How to Match into OB/GYN Residency

12 min


An OB/Gyn resident holding a floating representation of a uterus.


The NRMP Program directors survey “at a glance” tool is extremely helpful in gauging where your application packet stands compared to the applicant pool. Here are the major components to consider when applying into OB/GYN

How to Prepare for Residency Match Day

An excited residency applicant learning that she matched for residency.


The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived! You have spent years training to become a doctor. And in just a few days or weeks, you will learn on Match Day where you will spend the next few years of your life as a practicing physician in residency....

What is Thalamus and Will It Help You Schedule Your Residency Interviews?

6 min


A residency applicant conducting her virtual interview on the Thalamus platform.


You’ve done it! After spending countless hours studying for in-class examinations, taking two United States Medical Licensing Exams, and dominating your clinical rotations, you have applied to residency! And now as the interview invitations pour in. You may be curious about managing interview scheduling and keeping track of dates and...

To SOAP or Not to SOAP? Is SOAPing Right for You?

14 min


Two medical residents working in a hospital after having matched to residency through the SOAP.


After going partially unmatched during Match Week, I relied on the advice of trusted mentors, residents who had SOAPed, and internet forums to help me decide whether I should put myself through the SOAP. Fortunately for me, most of the advice I received was good advice. Yet, I had no...

Dual Applying vs. Combined Residency Programs: Applying in Multiple Specialties

21 min


A medical school senior contemplating what specialties she should apply to for residency, and whether she should opt for dual applying or for combined residency programs.


We are thrilled to bring you another recorded session from Elite Medical Prep's Residency Roundtable series. This session, titled "Dual Apply for Residency - Applying in More Than One Specialty" is hosted by Dr. Brittany Glassberg and Dr. Savannah M. Alvarado. In this session, Dr. Glassberg and Dr. Alvarado share...

Acceptance Factors for Matching into Internal Medicine Residency

13 min


An internal medicine resident and her patient.


The NRMP Program directors survey “at a glance” tool is extremely helpful in gauging where your application packet stands compared to the applicant pool. Here are the major components to consider when applying into Internal Medicine.

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