Best Study Books for Step 2CK 2022


If you are about to start your dedicated study period for the USMLE Step 2CK, you may be asking yourself, “what are the best study books I should use to prepare for this test?” Well, look no further! Here at EMP, we provide a comprehensive review of the best study books for Step 2CK!

Best Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Surgery Shelf Exam


If you are preparing for your Surgery Shelf, the first and most important piece of advice I can share with you is to start early! Surgery is arguably one of the most demanding and time-consuming rotations you will participate in during your clinical year of medical school, so the earlier...

AMBOSS vs. UWorld: Which is a Better USMLE Resource?

13 min



As a board exam tutor, the first meeting I have with almost any new student involves a discussion of their study schedule and resources. During those sessions, I always ask students which resources they’re planning to use to study for their specific board exam. Most of the time, my students...

Khan Academy MCAT Test Prep

12 min


Womar marking dates on a calendar to help prepare for using Khan Academy for MCAT


Khan Academy MCAT materials encompass both content review and practice questions, making it one of the most comprehensive and one of the best free MCAT resources that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding which MCAT prep resources to use. In this post, we’ll be discussing how to set up a study schedule to use Khan Academy for MCAT prep.

Top 5 Bad Habits Which are Keeping You From Passing USMLE Step 1


Studying for USMLE Step 1 is a daunting task, but you don’t want to study the wrong way to make matters worse. Here is a list of common bad habits students fall into when studying, and how you can avoid them to get you on the right track to passing your Step 1 exam!

TrueLearn Review: SmartBanks for COMLEX Level 1 and 2 CE


One of the hardest decisions that all medical students face involves picking the resources to help them succeed on their board exams. To provide you the best and most accurate advice, we have our tutors personally utilize the services we review. In this blog post, we will share our impressions of TrueLearn’s SmartBanks for COMLEX Level 1 and COMLEX Level 2 CE.

A Quick User’s Guide to Pathoma for USMLE Step 1

A Quick User’s Guide to Pathoma for USMLE Step 1


While medical school curricula often emphasize physiology, it never quite seems to stick by the time the board exams roll around. Pathoma is the best tool for this job.

How to Best Use First Aid USMLE Step 1 to Study

How to Best Use First Aid to Study for USMLE Step 1


First Aid for USMLE Step 1 is arguably the most important study resource for the USMLE Step 1 exam (alongside your favorite qbank, of course!). Together, First Aid and a well established qbank like UWorld can help both struggling students pass Step 1, and high-achievers score 260+

UWorld vs. TrueLearn

11 min


Reviews on UWorld or TrueLearn for USMLE step 1 prep


Move over UWorld! There’s a new qbank in town! Is there a new contender for the qbank throne? Here’s our honest reviewal of the TrueLearn question bank and how it stacks up next to UWorld.

Using Brosencephalon Effectively for USMLE Studying

14 min


Brosencephalon (Bros) deck for your USMLE Step 1 studies


If you haven’t already heard of the Brosencephalon (Bros) deck, it’s time to get acquainted! Bros is one of several popular pre-made flashcard decks

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