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7 Reasons to Hire a COMLEX Tutor

17 min


Medical DO students taking their COMLEX exam in a testing facility computer room.


Are you a D.O. student preparing for your COMLEX exams and feel lost about where to start? Whether you need guidance on passing COMLEX Level 1/Level 2-CE or have an interest in pursuing a competitive specialty, it can be daunting to tackle these high-stakes exams. Or perhaps you are already...

USMLE Step 3: Managing Anxiety if Day 1 Didn’t Go as Planned

5 min


A frustrated medical resident studying for day 2 of USMLE Step 3 after feeling anxious on Day 1.


Whether you spent a lot of time preparing for USMLE Step 3 or not, day 1 for most test takers is very anxiety-inducing and feels like absolute defeat. But, there is still another day of test taking. To manage USMLE Step 3 post-day 1 anxiety, it is important to understand...

Should You Take COMLEX or Step First?


Osteopathic students often decide to take both the M.D. USMLE Step board exams in addition to the D.O. COMLEX board exams. The recent change of both Step 1 and Level 1 to pass/fail may affect the decision to take both exams in the near future, however until it becomes more...

MELS 2022 Anxiety Tips

1 min



Click here to download the MELS 2022 poster, "Top Tips for Battling Test Anxiety: Recommendations from Experienced USMLE (Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3) & COMLEX Tutors (.pdf, 0.921 mb)

How to Painlessly Prepare for USMLE Step 3 & COMLEX Level 3

A group of DO candidates studying simultaneously for USMLE Step 3 and COMLEX Step 3.


USMLE Step 3/COMLEX Level 3 is the final examination in a three-part series for medical licensing in the United States. Learn about how to study for Step/Level 3 as well as when to take each exam.

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