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Olivia Negris

Olivia has received numerous academic awards including Alpha Omega Alpha, Gold Humanism Honor Society, and her class’s Leader Role Distinction.

Exploring Lesser-Known Resources for Step 2 CK

17 min


A student sitting in front of a laptop with earbuds in, listening to a Step 2 podcast while taking notes.


Intro to the USMLE Step 2 CK   You've conquered USMLE Step 1 and are now navigating the challenges of medical school clerkships and shelf exams. Next on the horizon is the USMLE Step 2, a critical exam for medical professionals seeking licensure in the US. As you balance excelling...

Addressing Burnout During Step 2 CK Preparation

16 min


Stressed medical student studying for USMLE Step 2 CK, surrounded by textbooks, notes, and a laptop in a cluttered study space.


Why Are Medical Students at Risk of Burnout?   Research indicates that up to half of medical students encounter burnout, as medicine is an intrinsically demanding profession. If you find yourself among these students, know that there is hope. You are not alone, and strategies are available to alleviate the...

Farewell to General Principles in Step 1: 2024 USMLE Update

5 min


A medical school student studying for her Step 1 exam in a library in front of a laptop.


What is the 2024 USMLE Step 1 Content Outline Update?   Exciting news has arrived for aspiring medical professionals! The USMLE recently revised its Step 1 content outline, a crucial step in the path to medical licensure. In this 2024 USMLE Step 1 Content Outline Update, the topics which were...

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