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Garrett Weskamp

Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Garrett began medical school in 2019 at Case Western Reserve University, where he is currently a 3rd year medical student. Garrett served as the Co-President and founder of the LGBTQ student group, “Case Med PRIDE”, which was awarded best LGBTQ+ Medical School Chapter by the Medical Student Pride Alliance in its founding year.

Why Is the Medicine Shelf So Hard and What Can You Do to Be Ready?

13 min


A combo of pills which needs to be understood for the Medicine shelf exam.


With internal medicine having the most applicants for residency positions every year (nearly 27,000 from a total of 51,000 applicants in 2021), it makes sense that clerkship students want to excel on their medicine shelf exam. Additionally, many specialties require an internal medicine intern year before starting the field’s core...

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