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2023 Residency Application Timeline

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Perhaps the most exciting and nerve-wracking time in medical school is the MATCH. After years of hard work and sacrifice, the time has finally come to go through the application and interview process all over again, just as for medical school. However, this time is much more exciting. This time, you get to pick and interview for your specialty. It can be difficult to keep track of deadlines for the residency application, so this blog post will walk you through the timeline. 



When is the ERAS Application Deadline?


Though ERAS applications are accepted on a rolling basis, your best bet is to submit the applications before or on September 28th, 2022. On this date, ERAS applications are released to programs and they may begin viewing them. Submitting by this date will give you the best chance of securing the most interviews and give you flexibility in scheduling them. Two important points in the residency application timeline that you should keep in mind are that the supplemental ERAS application opens on August 1st, 2022 and the deadline for submission is September 16th, 2022.



When Will Residency Programs Start Scheduling Interviews?


Interview invitations may be sent out as early as the last few days of September after the programs have received applications. It is critical to check your e-mail regularly and schedule interviews as soon as you receive invitations. Some specialties have dedicated interview release dates while others are released on a rolling basis. Interview dates fill up quickly and programs may send out more invites than spots they have available for interviews. You will notice that at times, interview slots may be filled up as soon as within 5 minutes of the receipt of the invitation e-mail. Programs schedule interviews through a number of platforms, including ERAS. Instructions for scheduling will be provided in the e-mail. In addition to keeping a close look on your e-mail, we recommend setting up a calendar prior to invitations being sent out and writing out interview dates for the programs you applied to. You can find interview dates on each program’s website. Many programs interview on the same dates, so this calendar will allow you to make informed choices when scheduling your interviews. If you are on a rotation and unable to view e-mails quickly, you may recruit a friend or family member to keep an eye on your e-mail. Provide them with your login information, walk them through the process, and give them access to the calendar with specifications of the interview dates that you prefer for each program. Your calendar should also have a rank of programs in the order of preference for each interview date. Scheduling interviews can be a stressful process, but being prepared and organized will set you up for success. Around late October and into November, you can send follow-up letters to programs that have not contacted you.



When Will Residency Programs Conduct Interviews?


Residency interview start and end dates vary slightly by specialty, but in general, programs will start interviewing as early as mid-October. The majority of interviews amongst most specialties are conducted in November and December. The latest that programs may conduct interviews is late February, though few programs interview this late into the season. If possible, you should take time off rotations or schedule a lighter rotation during peak interview season. 



When In the Residency Application Timeline Should I Start Preparing for Residency Interviews?


You should start preparing for interviews by mid-September. This will give you about one month of preparation prior to your potential first interview day. At each program, you will likely be interviewed by multiple attendings, and possibly the program director or assistant program director. Each of these interviews is often short, lasting 5-20 minutes, so it is important to make that time count. In order to prepare, look up the most commonly asked residency interview questions and write out the answers to these. Be prepared to discuss about yourself, why you chose your specialty, and why you would like to train at that program. Practice answering these questions out loud until your answers are polished. One of the best ways to prepare for your interviews is by doing mock interviews. If your medical school offers these, take advantage of them. In addition to this, ask one or more of your mentors within your specialty to do a mock interview with you and give you feedback. You can also contact us at EMP to schedule a mock residency interview. You should prepare questions to ask your interviewers, but make sure it is not something that can easily be found on the program’s website. Furthermore, prepare questions to ask the residents at the pre-interview dinner and lunchtime. Make sure to send thank-you notes to interviews that you have completed in a timely manner. You should send these notes to the program coordinator, program director, and all of your interviewers. A minority of programs will request that you do not send any thank you notes – do not be alarmed when this happens and respect their request. 



When is the Deadline for Rank List Submission?


This is a very important milestone in the residency application timeline. You must register with NRMP by January 31st 2023 to avoid late fees. On February 1st, the ranking will open. Rank lists are due on March 1st at 09:00 PM EST. Though the MATCH algorithm is a mystery, you may have heard that it works in favor of the applicant, providing the applicant with the highest possible match given their rank list (and considering the program’s ranking of the applicant). Thus, it is important that you rank the programs in the order that you want to match, rather than by ranking them in an order you think the programs will rank you. In addition, depending on your specialty, you may contact your top choice program with a letter of intent. You can send a letter of interest to your other top choice programs, but make sure you send a letter of intent to only your top choice. Program directors communicate and will likely find out if an applicant is naming multiple programs their first choice. 



When In the Residency Application Timeline Will I know if I Matched for Residency?


On Monday, March 13th, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST you will receive an e-mail indicating whether you have matched. This e-mail will not tell you where you matched, but only if you have matched or not. Later that same week, on Friday, March 17th, 2023 at 12:00PM EST, you will receive an e-mail indicating the program you have matched. 



You Matched for Residency! What Happens Next?


It’s time to celebrate! You may receive an e-mail or phone call from your future residency program director to congratulate you on your match. Within a few weeks, your program will contact you with any other paperwork you may need to fill out, so don’t lose sight of your e-mail just yet. You may need to start preparing for moving. But most importantly, take the time to go on vacation and relax prior to starting your residency. 



What Should I Do if I Did Not Match?


If you did not match, you will find out on Monday, March 13th and will have the option to prepare and submit a SOAP (Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program) application in the ERAS system. This will allow you to apply for and be offered residency positions that were not filled during the match. Check out these blog posts that will guide you through the SOAP process:

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Residency application and interview season is probably the best time in medical school. You will meet many people throughout your interviews and make new friends. Feel free to contact EMP  for residency advising including mock interviews, help creating a rank list and more! Schedule a free consultation here. Enjoy this time and good luck on your match!

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