Why Is the Medicine Shelf So Hard and What Can You Do to Be Ready?

13 min


With internal medicine having the most applicants for residency positions every year (nearly 27,000 from a total of 51,000 applicants in 2021), it makes sense that clerkship students want to excel on their medicine shelf exam. Additionally, many specialties require an internal medicine intern year before starting the field’s core residency (fields like Dermatology, Radiology, […]

The Questions You’ll See on the MCAT – With MCAT Sample Questions!

17 min



The MCAT examination is designed to test your content knowledge in a variety of science subjects as well as your critical reasoning skills. The MCAT is broken down into four sections: General Chemistry/Organic Chemistry/Physics; General Biology/Biochemistry; Psychology/Sociology and CARS (critical analysis and reasoning skills). In this blog post, we will focus on the types of […]

What to Focus on In Your Pre-Med Research Position

15 min



Taking a research position to gain research experience is becoming an increasingly important piece of the application package for pre-med students. Along with volunteer experience and shadowing or clinical exposure, it is now one of those factors that are technically optional (i.e., not a hard requirement) but widely recommended and part of the vast majority […]

How Doing Well on Shelf Exams Will Improve Your Step 2 CK Score


At most medical schools, your grades during your first clinical year of training are primarily determined by evaluations from your preceptors, and your performance on a shelf examination. These grades will be a significant component of your residency application, in addition to letters of recommendation, co-curricular activities, research, and your personal statement. The USMLE board […]

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