"Throughout medical school and residency trainees often struggle to sift through endless information to determine the most clinically relevant and meaningful material. Helping others to learn and develop the skill to make that determination is rewarding and creates better clinicians not just for the high-stakes exams but high-stakes clinical experiences as well."

About Christopher

Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island in 2014 with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. During his years in pharmacy school, he tutored various chemistry and biological science courses for the undergraduate population. He then began medical school at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, where he served as the president of his medical school class and as the president of the AMA medical student section. Chris matched to the anesthesia residency program at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University where he is currently in his 4th year of residency. After this year, he will serve as the Chief Resident of the program. In his free time, he is involved in medical device innovation and clinical research as a published academic author. His work can be found here.

Study and Qualifications

  • 2014

    PharmD, University of Rhode Island

  • 2018

    MD, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

  • 2018- Current

    Anesthesia Resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard University


USMLE Step 1 | 263

USMLE Step 2CK | 264

USMLE Step 3 | 263




Years at Elite | 1


Articles by Christopher

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