"I am regularly amazed by the amount of time, care, and effort Elite Medical Prep puts into creating a genuinely beneficial tutoring experience for our students. I can say confidently that there is no other tutoring organization so dedicated student success in medical education than Elite."

About Victoria

After attending 4 different universities in 3 countries to study and and gain first hand experience in international business and management, Victoria Lee received her undergraduate degree from Tel Aviv University in Digital Marketing and Communications. For over 3.5 years, Victoria has worked for Elite Medical Prep as the Director of Marketing and Communications helping to expand partnerships on an international level and reach more medical students who could benefit from tutoring services. Victoria currently resides in Tel Aviv but frequents her home town of Chicago where she grew up. She is also a strong advocate for honest advertising and is very passionate about company transparency and a pragmatic approach to communications.

Study and Qualifications

  • 2019

    BA, Tel Aviv University


Victoria Lee is hard at work! New articles coming soon.

Victoria Lee is hard at work! New articles coming soon.