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The Elite Medical Prep team consists of MD and MD candidate tutors from the top medical schools and residency programs, our founders, Dr. Brus-Ramer and Dr. Rubin, and an administrative team dedicated to our students' success. All blog posts are written directly by our tutors or founders to serve as a great resource for students.

MELS 2022 Anxiety Tips

1 min



Click here to download the MELS 2022 poster, "Top Tips for Battling Test Anxiety: Recommendations from Experienced USMLE (Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3) & COMLEX Tutors (.pdf, 0.921 mb)

Can I Cancel My MCAT and Postpone It?

13 min


A student surrounded by study books and thinking if he can cancel and postpone MCAT.


If you are deciding whether or not you should postpone your MCAT, you are not alone! Many students experience the stress and frustration of being in this position, and in fact, it is not uncommon at all.

Writing A Medical School Personal Statement

20 min


A student sitting and writing a medical school personal statement on her lap.


5300 characters. You have 5300 characters, including punctuation and white spaces, to show a medical school that you are more than the sum of your GPA and MCAT score in your personal statement.   This means that your personal statement for Medical School word count will only be around 300-500...

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