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6 Reasons to Take the MCAT During a Gap Year

8 min


A pre-med student on a gap year studying for the MCAT outside in front of a laptop.


Choosing the right time to take the MCAT is extremely important to achieving your MCAT score goal, and setting yourself up for success in the medical school application process. In this blog post, I discuss the reasons why you might want to delay taking the MCAT until during a gap...

The MCAT 99th Percentile Club: How to Get In

9 min


An excited pre-med student looking at her 99th percentile MCAT score on her laptop.


Many students dream of a 99th percentile MCAT score, which can often be the ticket to a medical school acceptance. As of November 2021, the 99th percentile MCAT score is 522, a score that will certainly impress admissions committees— but how can you join this elite population of students? In this article, I describe the key strategies and behaviors of students who earn a coveted 99th percentile MCAT score.

What to do the day before your USMLE Step 2 Test Date

11 min


A group of medical school students relaxing on the day before their USMLE Step 2 exam.


The day before your USMLE Step 2 CK examination may bring feelings of anxiety, desperation, and fear; after all, the examination you’ve spent so many hours preparing for is now on your doorstep. However, with the right strategy, you can avoid test-taking anxiety the day before your USMLE Step 2 CK examination.

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