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Jonathon McBride

Congratulations! You Matched to Residency – Now What?!

10 min


An excited new resident speaking on the phone after having learned that she matched for residency.


After years of medical school, months of interviews, and countless nights of worrying about your Rank Order List for residency matching. You open your NRMP results envelope on Match Day and a wave of emotion washes over you. You matched to residency!  Matching to residency was the goal that always...

Time Saving Tips for Studying for Your Shelf Exam During Clinical Rotations

9 min


Medical student studying for her shelf exams while on break during her clinical rotation.


The transition from pre-clinical to clinical medical student can be very difficult. You change from studying all the time as a pre-clinical student to having to study all the time AND manage clinical work on top of it. Shelf exams are important for your residency applications and clinical grades, so...

7 Tips for Studying for the Family Medicine Shelf Exam

17 min


A group of medical school students on their Family Medicine clinical rotation.


There are few Shelf exams more difficult than the family medicine shelf. The unique thing about family medicine is that it covers – in some way – nearly every topic that you’ll see in your clinical year. There are components of pediatrics, OB/GYN, psychiatry, internal medicine, and surgery. Of course,...

What Questions Do They Ask in a Residency Interview?

23 min


A panel interview for Residency.


You hit submit on your ERAS application and realize you’re finally a post-ERAS M4 – nothing can hurt you now.  That is, until the residency interview invitations start to roll in (sometimes just 24 hours later!). So, what questions do they ask in a residency interview anyway? And how can...

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