About the Author

Lee Meluban

Lee is currently a fourth year student at Case Western Reserve University where she is involved in several medical education projects.

Mastering the Surgery Shelf Exam: Achieving a 90th Percentile Score in 2024

9 min


A group of medical school students studying for the surgery shelf exam in a library.


The Surgery Shelf exam is a critical milestone for medical students pursuing a career in surgery or related specialties. Scoring well on this exam not only demonstrates your knowledge and competency but also plays a significant role in residency applications. Attaining a 90th percentile score requires strategic preparation, dedication, and...

8 Time Saving Tricks to Study for the Shelf Exam During Your Pediatric Rotation

11 min


A medical school student on their pediatric clinical rotation treating a patient.


As you dive into the world of pediatric medicine, you'll encounter a whirlwind of learning opportunities, patient interactions, and, of course, the looming shelf exam at the end of your rotation. With so much to absorb in a limited time frame, efficiency is key, especially on a rotation that is...

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