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Terry Lee, MD

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with Highest Honors from Harvard in 2018, Terry began his medical studies at the prestigious Duke University School of Medicine, where he excelled in his coursework, board exams, and research endeavors.

The Ultimate Step 3 Case Simulations Study Guide

14 min


A medical resident studying for his Step 3 exam in front of a laptop and textbook.


If you’re reading this, you’re likely preparing for the 3rd and final step of the USMLE exam series, congratulations! You’ve done countless multiple-choice questions for USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and shelf exams and are ready to finish this final step. But wait, the USMLE decided to throw you a...

Get to Know USMLE Step 3: Format and Content

13 min


A medical resident studying for the USMLE Step 3 in a library in front of a laptop.


What is the Format of USMLE Step 3? How Many Questions Are There?   Unlike Step 1 and 2, the format of USMLE Step 3 is a bit different. It is split up into 2 separate test days. You can do both test days on back-to-back days, or on nonadjacent...

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