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How USMLE Step 1 Going Pass/Fail Will Affect IMGs

A group of IMGs in their US residency.


Students who completed medical school outside of the United States typically have a harder time obtaining a residency match compared to US medical graduates. Without a numerical Step 1 score it…

Obtaining a Residency Letter of Recommendation

12 min


Elite Medical Prep's residency roundtable event "Obtaining a Residency Letter of Recommendation" opening slide introducing the speaker.


We are thrilled to bring you another invaluable recorded session from Elite Medical Prep's Residency Roundtable series. This session, titled "Obtaining Letters of Recommendation," is hosted by the esteemed Dr. Emily Zelinski. In this session, Dr. Emily Zelinski will guide you through essential strategies for securing strong Residency Letters of...

IMGs May Not Need to Complete Their Residency in the US to Work in Tennessee

8 min


Two IMGs in a hospital working in the US after bypassing US residency.


As of May 2023, the governor of Tennessee signed a bill that will allow some international doctors to bypass the need for a residency in the US to practice unsupervised medicine in Tennessee if they have already completed one abroad. In this blog post, we will address some key questions...

Two New CCSSA NBMEs Are Coming for USMLE Step 2 CK

8 min


A medical student taking a USMLE Step 2 CK practice test in a library un front of a computer.


The NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) is releasing new CCSSAs (Comprehensive Clinical Science Self-Assessment) forms this spring on May 22nd, 2023.  What do two new Step 2 CK NBMEs mean for your study plan?    There are a few different factors that can be helpful in predicting your Step...

Elite Medical Prep Step 1 Biochem Starter Anki Deck

7 min


Flashcards sitting on a desk near a laptop, ready to be used for Step 1 biochem prep.


Today Elite Medical Prep is releasing its first Starter Flashcard decks for use on Anki! Many medical students tell us that they really want to start using flashcards, but don’t know how to get started. So, without further delay, here’s your solution!

Elite Medical Prep Conducts 3rd Joint Webinar with UWorld

2 min


Elite Medical Pre and UWorld joint webinar stream on a laptop.


On April 26th, Elite Medical Prep, represented by Dr. Marcel Brus-Ramer and Dr. Ken Rubin, had the pleasure of participating in a joint webinar with UWorld Medical titled: From Classroom to Clinic: Using the UWorld Step 1 QBank as a Long Term Resource. 

COMLEX Level 1 to Become Pass/Fail!

3 min


A Pass/Fail COMLEX Level 1 form with the word "Pass" circled.


Big news for DO students today as news breaks that the COMLEX Level 1 exam will be shifting over to a pass/fail model starting May 1, 2022!

USMLE Step 2CS is Cancelled

A group of medical doctors.


Is This the End of Step 2CS? On May 26th, USMLE announced on their website that amidst the prolonged coronavirus crisis in the United States, Step 2CS test administrations will be suspended for the next 12-18 months. While previously there was speculation that USMLE Step

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