Applying to ENT Residency

An ENT resident using an otoscope to examine his patient.


Do you love the ears, nose and throat? Me too! The residency application process in ENT can be daunting and stressful – the best way to navigate the system is by talking to friends and colleagues who have been through it before!

How Many Residency Programs & Where to Apply

6 min


A prospective medical resident sitting in front of a laptop, planning her ERAS application and program selection.


The most important step in deciding where to apply for residency is an honest evaluation of what specialty you are applying to. While it can be hard sometimes to “get real” with yourself about your USMLE scores, distinguishing features, etc. this step is critical because it can determine whether you match or not.

Residency Letters of Recommendation: Everything You Need to Know

A medical school student requesting a reccomendation letter from her clinical rotations instructor.


Letters of recommendation (LoRs) are becoming an exceedingly important part of a candidate’s residency application

How to Use the ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service)

5 min


A prospective resident working on her ERAS application on her tablet.


ERAS, which stands for the Electronic Residency Application Service, is an online portal which contains the essential components to enable you to apply for residency

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