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Danielle Marshall, MD

In 2012, Danielle Marshall graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Cellular Biology and a minor in Global Poverty. Shortly after, Danielle began working toward her MD at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine where she became both a class instructor in neurology/psychiatry for 2nd year medical students, and a medical student interviewer for two years. Inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honors Society in 2018, Danielle also achieved honors in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Psychiatry before completing her MD in 2019. Danielle is currently an Orthopedic Surgery resident at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. She is also a published academic author, and her work can be found here.

How to Manage USMLE Step 1 Test Anxiety

a student holding knees up with hand on forehead managing Step 1 test anxiety


Just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, at times medical students can feel like they are living the same day over and over again (especially now in the midst of coronavirus test cancellations). Between learning new content, spending long hours studying, and anxiously taking exams, many students feel stuck in a perpetual cycle of anxiety

Without Active Learning, You Could Fail USMLE Step 1

10 min


A group of medical students studying for the USMLE Step 1.


To pass (and nail) USMLE Step 1, memorizing the facts is just not sufficient—you must be able to apply that knowledge. While you may feel accomplished reading 50 pages of First Aid in a day, the real concern is how much of that knowledge you can actually apply.

Journey to Orthopedics Residency- Interviews

27 min


An orthopedic resident shaking hands with their attending.


In the upcoming months, we will be interviewing some of our tutors about their experiences with residency. We’ll be asking the questions many of our students are interested to know about some of the most popular and sought after residency programs and areas of study. This week, hear from Dr. Wichern and Dr. Marshall on their experiences applying into Orthopedics!

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