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Savannah M. Alvarado, MD

Step 3 Percentiles and Placing in the Top

A doctor holding his MD certification after having passed USMLE Step 3.


Grant yourself a moment to take a nice big congratulatory breath! You've thrived (some would say survived) through undergrad, the MCAT, medical school, Step 1 and 2, and the match. That's pretty stellar! What better way to celebrate than another 2-day, ~16-hour exam? In this blog post, we will discuss...

The Absolute Best Predictor of Step 2 CK Scores


This is an article about Step 2 that is useful long before dedicated test prep! Whether you are in the midst of your dedicated study time or more than a year out, read on to find out what the best score predictor is for USMLE Step 2 CK! Some would...

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