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Beyond the 3 p.m. Slump: Crafting a Personalized Study Routine in Medical School

A calendar with a stethoscope sitting on top of it signifying the study routine of a medical school student.


Entering medical school is an exciting milestone in every aspiring physician's journey. However, the transition from undergraduate studies to the rigorous demands of medical education can be daunting. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the essential aspects of creating an effective study routine for medical school, also...

Balancing Act: Managing Research Responsibilities During Clinical Rotations

Medical School students participating in a research opportunity during their clinical rotations.


Your journey through medical school is marked by crucial milestones, and arguably the most pivotal phase is your time spent in the hospital and clinic. These hands-on experiences in different healthcare settings provide a bridge between classroom knowledge and practical application. However, integrating research into clinical rotations enhances the educational...

How to Create a Med School List for AMCAS

12 min


A doctor wearing scrubs answering questions in a medical school classroom.


As you start thinking about getting into med school and perparing for the upcoming medical school application cycle, you should be thinking about which schools you will apply to. There are well over 100 accredited medical schools in the U.S. and Canada, but the average applicant applies to just 16...

Reapplying to Medical School: What to Change?

14 min


A group of medical school students in a classroom.


If you are reapplying to medical school after an unsuccessful cycle and are looking for advice, this post is for you! Although it may feel disappointing and stressful to go through a long cycle all over again, keep in mind that you are in the majority.

What is the Hardest Part of Each Year of Medical School?

16 min


Medical school students in a classroom wearing scrubs.


What is the hardest part of medical school in each of the years? I wish there was a simple answer to this question. I get it every time I meet with pre-med students.   Any answer I give will lack the external validity required to be generalized to every school...

How to Ace Medical School Secondary Essays

28 min


A medical school applicant working on her secondary essays in a library.


After completing the AMCAS primary application, you may understandably feel exhausted! However, despite your accomplishments thus far, there is one last step in the application process before you can start interviewing. You will now start receiving secondary applications and medical school secondary essays.   Unlike the AMCAS, secondary applications are...

Hindsight Advice for Building a Strong Med School Application

14 min


A premed student working on his med school application, sitting in front of a laptop.


Ready for the understatement of the year? Medical school is tough to get into. The Med School application process is no joke.   Look, the unfortunate truth is that getting good grades and smoking the MCAT won’t automatically get you one of those coveted medical school acceptances. It’ll help, but...

How Can I Differentiate Myself With Other Medical School Applicants

10 min


A premed student at his medical school interview.


If you’re currently applying to medical school to become a student, you probably know that you need a competitive GPA, MCAT score, and good extracurriculars to get in. But a few thousand people applying probably know this too…   So how do you stand out as a medical school applicant?...

How Common is Remediation in Medical School, & How Can Tutoring Help

21 min


A medical school student meeting with his learning advisor to talk about remediation.


Remediation can be an anxiety-inducing term. The thought of failing a portion of your medical education and needing to formally address it may evoke a sense of dread. However, remediation is quite a useful concept. Rather than viewing it as a form of punishment, it is best to think of...

How To Determine Which Area of Medicine Is Right for Me

17 min


Medical school students speaking with a medical professional to better understand if their specialty is right for them.


Choosing an area of medicine or a specialty is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout your entire medical career. And so you may find yourself asking "Which area of medicine is right for me?"   Unlike most other professions, you cannot switch to a different area...

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