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‘2 min USMLE Tidbits’

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Medical equipment and a clock.


Today we posted our the first of our ‘2min USMLE Tidbits’ on our website and YouTube.  These are super high yield videos that review important topics relevant to the USMLE Step 1. This isn’t your typical question break down with a lengthy explanation.  Instead, we try to pack in a couple of really important points with a visual style of explanation that will allow you to apply them on test day.

As with all the tutoring we do, the ‘2min USMLE Tidbit’ starts off with a sample USMLE question to put the information in context.  We leave you–the viewer and USMLE test preparer–the opportunity to review the whole question yourself.  However, what we do next is a jump to some of the higher level stuff–places where we’ve found many students trip themselves up.  We then quickly break down the information so that you can apply this concept not only to the original question but also to future questions.Remember the vignettes may change but many of the concepts remain the same.

If you like these Tidbits, let us know.

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