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The Ultimate COMLEX Level 1 6-week Study Schedule

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You’re 6 weeks away from conquering the COMLEX Level 1, and it’s time to dive into an intensive study plan tailored to ensure your success. Our 6-week COMLEX Level 1 study schedule is designed for dedicated students with a strong foundation, aiming for optimal performance on test day. Whether you’re well-versed in COMLEX material or seeking a structured plan to elevate your preparation, this schedule is your roadmap to success.



Key Notes About This COMLEX Level 1 Study Schedule


– This schedule assumes a solid understanding of COMLEX Level 1 material and prior dedicated studying.

– Expect a rigorous commitment of 10+ hours of daily study, with some afternoon breaks after NBME assessments.

– Embrace a question-based review approach, as active learning through practice questions is a proven strategy for standardized exams.

– Personalized flashcards are invaluable – investing time in creating your COMLEX Level 1 study resource and incorporating them into your schedule pays off in the long run.

– Choose your supplementary video learning resource and flashcard review platform based on your preferences and needs.



Basic Structure of the Elite 6-Week COMLEX Level 1 Study Schedule:


Day (about 7 AM to 5 PM):



– UWorld questions + flashcard creation – Dive into practice questions to reinforce your understanding.

– Continued Qbank Review with Flashcard Creation – Keep the momentum with 2-3 hours of practice questions.


Late Afternoon:

– Review Flashcards & Supplement Weaker Topics – Identify and strengthen weaker areas through video resources and flashcards for a mixed review tomorrow.


Early Evening (about 5 PM to 8 PM):


– ~2-3.5 hours of focused review, flashcards, and supplemental learning, usually by system.

– Make reviewing flashcards a nightly ritual for about 2 hours.





  • A baseline assessment is crucial to determine your readiness for the 6-week calendar. Aim for a 70% or more probability of passing before starting this schedule.
  • At least one of your assessments should be a COMSAE. If your school administers this exam, this counts as one of your assessments! The COMSAE is important to getting used to the format of the exam.
  • Subsequent NBME and UWorld assessments offer exposure to an authentic testing environment and valuable data on your progress.
  • If the final assessment falls below a 90% probability of passing, consider delaying the exam for further review.



COMLEX-Specific Information:


  • The COMLEX exam emphasizes microbiology; leverage visual aids and spaced repetition through flashcards for this subject.
  • Integrate a COMLEX-specific QBank for the last 2 weeks of the schedule.
  • Focus on OMM (Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) in a targeted manner towards the study period’s end.



Using the 6-Week Study Schedule to Combine USMLE and COMLEX Preparation:


  • You can use this calendar to simultaneously prepare for USMLE Step 1 alongside COMLEX Level 1.
  • Take the USMLE exam one week prior to COMLEX, allowing a day off after the USMLE and four days to review COMLEX material.

We trust that our 6-week COMLEX Level 1 study schedule will empower you for success. If you need personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to us!

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