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Chris Bassil

Recieving his BA in English from Duke University in 2012, Christopher Bassil was matriculated in the Duke Medical Scientist Training Program in 2015. Achieving honors in Internal Medicine, OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry, Chris is currently completing a PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology. In addition to his contributions to the Elite Medical Blog, Chris is also a published academic author and his work can be found on his tutor bio page.

How Important is the ERAS Personal Statement?

10 min



“How important is my personal statement, really?”   I hear this question all the time. And with the September 29th release date for ERAS residency applications just around the corner, I’m sure that a lot of you are asking yourselves the exact same thing. Does the personal statement matter? Does...

A Complete Guide to Getting Through the UWorld QBank Twice

13 min



In this post, we’re going to lay out a template for how you can plan ahead, complete two full passes through the UWorld QBank, and earn yourself the score you want on Step 1!

How to Write a Personal Statement Hook

21 min


Personal Statement Hook for residency application


If possible, the personal statement for your medical school or residency application should start with you, in your underwear and a gas mask, crashing an RV in the middle of the desert. Let me explain.

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