Why Spaced Repetition is SO Important for USMLE Studies?



On its most basic level, spaced repetition is spacing out new concepts that we are learning over time to more efficiently remember various things. Furthermore, it involves progressively spacing out concepts that we are relatively strong in further and further into time while re-introducing topics that we are relatively weaker in a shorter interval in between.

WEBINAR: Tutoring Program Best Practices for Institutions

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Yesterday, Elite Medical Prep founders Ken Rubin, MD and Marcel Brus-Ramer, MD, PhD delivered a webinar to representatives from several different medical schools detailing best practices for 1-on-1 and group tutoring programs for institutional use.

Without Active Learning, You Could Fail USMLE Step 1

Without Active Learning, You Could Fail USMLE Step 1


To pass (and nail) USMLE Step 1, memorizing the facts is just not sufficient—you must be able to apply that knowledge. While you may feel accomplished reading 50 pages of First Aid in a day, the real concern is how much of that knowledge you can actually apply.

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