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Most Common Reasons for Failing USMLE Step 1

Young lady covering face with hands after failing USMLE Step 1


Failed USMLE Step 1?   Failing USMLE Step 1 is not uncommon. 2022 NBME performance data show that the passing rate for 1st time test takers with a US or Canadian MD degree was 93%; with a US or Canadian DO degree was 89%; and for non-US or Canadian degrees...

Without Active Learning, You Could Fail USMLE Step 1

10 min


A group of medical students studying for the USMLE Step 1.


To pass (and nail) USMLE Step 1, memorizing the facts is just not sufficient—you must be able to apply that knowledge. While you may feel accomplished reading 50 pages of First Aid in a day, the real concern is how much of that knowledge you can actually apply.

Failing USMLE Step 1: What to Do

14 min


A medical school student laying her head down on a pile of USMLE Step 1 study books, holding up a "help" sign.


While 96% of USMLE test takers typically pass, if you’re someone who falls within that 4% and didn’t pass on your first try, you should know that each year over 20,000 people take USMLE Step 1. That means even within that 4%, there are at least 800 other students in your exact same situation. So, what do you do? We’ll tell you.

What if I fail? Bouncing back on the USMLE Step 1

Frustrated student studying for the USMLE Step 1.


What if I fail USMLE Step 1? It’s a question that most medical students contemplate at some point in the months (or years) before their USMLE Step 1 test day finally arrives.  If you find yourself trying to answer that question, this blog post by our top USMLE Step 1...

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